Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Changing the world... one kick at a time.

Yep - you see right... he is KICKING.  Yes, I know I've posted video of him moving his legs before, but he is KICKING them.  BOTH OF THEM.  Something that he wasn't even doing last month when he saw the Ortho!  What's funny is, the reason I had to open his diaper, is because he really only kicks when he thinks he's about to be naked.  Wonder where he gets that from ... HMMMMMMM?????

Now, I don't know just how much difference this makes medically speaking... but Dryden's PT was definitely excited about it!  If he has the ability to kick he has the ability to stand as far as I've been told, which then leads to walking.  

It seems like such a little thing to be so excited about but OMG - every time he does it he just makes my heart melt.  BJ and I were talking about it the other day - about how we wish we could go back in time and just punch the specialist right in the face.  Now, I know, it isn't the most NICE reaction, but seriously.  Every time he smiles that big ol smile.  Every time he kicks those chunky little legs.  Every time a therapist tells us he is completely exceeding their expectations... it makes us sad for those parents who chose to listen to their advice and abort.  As BJ said, "Look at what we would have missed"!!

Yes, it is hard.  Watching your child go through surgeries and pain that you can't fix is excruciating.  And I can see how someone would have a fleeting thought of, if they had never been born, they would never feel this pain.  But then watching that same child wear the BIGGEST smile not 3 hours later... well now... that is a feeling that cannot be explained.  It overrides every other emotion.

This little boy is changing our lives... changing the WORLD... one kick at time.  I always did say he was my little ninja.  :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

E I E I ... WOAH!!!

So after last week's fiasco with the shunt malfunction/blockage... I must say, we have seen DRASTIC improvement in Dryden!!!  I am certainly going to be paying much closer attention to things in the future.  Dryden showed NO typical symptoms of the shunt malfunctioning.  He was the same happy, sweet baby.  But man, was it holding him back!

We had therapy session today and he was doing things she thought he wouldn't do for the next couple of months given his progress.  His tracking skills shot up tremendously.  He is focusing on everything now.  He is following sounds that he wasn't even interested in before.  Even his stability with trying to sit up is improved.  It is a 100% improvement!!  He has been eating his cereal too, and last night - first time ever - he slept in his bed ALL NIGHT LONG.  He ate at 11:30 and didn't wake up till 8:00 this morning for another bottle!  WOO HOOO!!!!!!

I gotta say, we are SOMMMMEEEEEE happy hearing all of this.  More therapy tomorrow... hopefully they see as much improvement on their end.

Another thing too... this is one TOUGH little dude.  He is just as content as can be, even after the surgery.  He doesn't even seem phased by the incision.  It isn't tender to the touch, he doesn't flinch... it is just amazing to me.  Meanwhile, I get a paper cut and whine like a baby.  Go figure.

One thing is for sure... I could NOT love him any more.  He is SO freaking happy.  All the time!

Just had to share all this, because it has me practically singing today.  :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mom knows best... Candy Cane Christmas

So it's true.  Everyone said "You'll know" when something just isn't right with Dryden.  And, even though I thought I was CRAZY and paranoid, I just knew something wasn't right.  It was the most minor something too... I'm sure I sounded quite nuts trying to explain it to the admit ER pediatrician.

Me:               He shows NO symptoms of a shunt malfunction, but it malfunctioned. 

Doctor:         Is he vomiting?

Me:               No. 

Doctor:         Is he sleeping a lot? 

Me:               ... no... 

Doctor:         Is he unusually cranky?  Appetite ok?

Me:              No... he's fine... eating fine.  

Doctor:        So... what exactly made you bring him in?  

Me:             I can see the veins in his head more than usual... and he just seems to stare off into space this afternoon.  

Doctor:       ... ok... well, mom usually knows best!

So... here we are... waiting for surgery.  And you know what?  No matter how many times I hear that word... it never gets easier!  They keep telling me its "no big deal" its "routine".  Well, I'm sorry for getting a little emotional but you are about to cut my baby's head open... that isn't "no big deal" to ME!

It makes me laugh - you can tell that some of the doctors definitely have no kids... she was trying to calm Dryden down and asked for "one of those things that goes in their mouth" ... yeahhhhhh... I thought everyone know what a pacifier, or binky, or nuk was... I was WRONG!!!!

It seems as though my little buddy is going to have a nice little candy cane on his head for Christmas this year.  :)  That's what we said when he had the surgery the last time... it looked like a candy cane.  Wow... he looks so different now.  :)

I'm trying to joke to keep me from crying.  I really am trying to be strong.  I just feel really helpless.  I can't do anything.  :(  Worst feeling in the world.

I'll go for now.  Fingers crossed everyone.  Thanks for all the love and support.  We all truly appreciate it.