Monday, October 22, 2012

Spina Bifida Awareness

So, its Spina Bifida Awareness month and I'm hearing and reading all these statistics about Spina Bifida.  It is said that about 1 in every 1000 kids is born with SB.  What's crazy is that about 60% of babies diagnosed in utero are aborted.  SIXTY PERCENT!!!!  That number shocked me when I first heard it.  That's a LOT.  I look at Dryden and I just can't believe that number... but then I think back to when he was first diagnosed.

The specialist painted such a grim picture of what his future would be like.  I honestly left her office that day believing that Dryden would never walk, that he would have major developmental problems and I remember her even telling us that although it was too late to abort in Louisiana, she could give me other nearby states where it was an option.  I was so upset.  I figured if she was giving us this speech, that Dryden was going to have it bad.  I was so overwhelmed!!  I can see now why that number is so high!!

Look at this face!!!  I can't imagine him not being here!!!  WHY are these specialists doing this???  I've heard from so many parents that they had the same experience,  I understand that they need to let you know what the worst case is... but they should also tell you about the other end of things!!

It wasn't until we saw the neurosurgeon that I realized other than some major work ahead ... Dryden was fine!!!

It really isn't fair and I wish something could be done to change that statistic.

I am begging you... pass it along... Spina Bifida awareness needs to be raised!!!  A Spina Bifida diagnosis shouldn't be a death sentence.  Spread the word and lets drop that statistic!!!

You could save someones life.